Can I use a conditioner instead of a shampoo?

The biggest difference between the shampoo and the conditioner is to be used for. Two popular FMCG products are shampoos and conditioners, used to keep your hair in fine, safe and manageable shape. Let’s find out the difference between conditioner and shampoo.

These are close-knit objects that are enough to confuse an average individual before the distinctions between the two are completely understood. It was shampoo that appeared before conditioner on the scene.wet hair

Shampoo soon captured people’s imagination as it helped them to take great care of their hair and clean the hair of dirt and waste from anything specifically made for hair and not skin. The conditioner was subsequently launched by the same companies that manufactured shampoos to make your hair silky and smooth after washing it with shampoo. However the real purpose of each shampoo is not just the order in which a shampoo and conditioner are used.

What is shampoo?

First of all, shampoos have a totally different function than conditioners. Shampoos are made to clean hair. To be precise, shampoos are used for outside hair and scalp washing. As far as ingredients are concerned, shampoos are more similar to soaps because they are designed to extract dirt from the hair. Most of the healthy shampoos are free of sulphate. However, the ingredients in shampoo are more gentle than the ones in soap and ensure that sebum is not completely washed away when washing the hair. Wash your hair with soap and see the difference when sebum is washed away.

What is conditioner?

The conditioners are used to ensure that the hair is washed and manageable with a silky shampoo. The conditioners on your hair are much more soft than shampoos and contain proteins and moisturizers for your hair’s wellbeing. The pH value of the conditioner is low than the shampoo. The conditioners take care of your hair’s internal wellbeing. Conditioners have a low pH value for amino acids to improve health and hair shine. When applying conditioners, you will remember that they do not render lather and are applied after a shampoo has washed the hair.

The distinctions between shampoos and conditioners today are decreasing, as they are improved by vitamins in order to create more confusion. The thing to remember, however, is that even the vitamins applied to a shampoo vary from those found in a packaging agent.